Dji Spark Protective Accessories Set

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5 Pcs Accessories Kits for Dji Spark, Including 2 In 1 Propeller Guard with Foldable Landing Gear, Gimbal Camera Guard, Lens Hood, Finger Guard Board, Joystick Protector




Color:Black +gray 
Propeller guard with landing gear set: Premium ABS plastic 
Screen camera cover: Premium ABS plastic 
Finger guard: Plastic 
Lens hood: Premium ABS plastic 
Thumb stick clip: high-strength ABS plastic 
Total weight: 4.4OZ (125g) 

Dust-proof, scratch-proof, bump-proof. 

Prevent gimbal rocking, protect gimbal wiring, extend wiring lifetime. 

Protect fingers when landing or taking off from your hand, giving your hand and Spark more security. 

Quick installation and removal, free of propeller disassembly. 

Block the sun or other light source to prevent glare and lens flare entering the lens during flight. 

Keep controller stick thumb in correct position, get away from the vibration in the process of transportation. 

Package includes: 
1 x propeller guard with landing gear set 
1 x finger guard set 
1 x gimbal camera cover 
1 x lens hood 
1 x joystick protector