ColMi K88H Plus Smart Watch

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This is the fashionable watch and it is more than a watch but a smart watch that helps you a lot of task and makes life easy.

Will give you a lot of info to monitor you health and your other physical activities.

Here some list what it can do for you:


  • Professional heart rate monitor - 90%~95% accurate comparing with Motorola watch. Tell you if you are doing aerobic exercise or not, monitor your heart rate even doing sports
  • Push messages - Check all your mobile phone SMS, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp messages on the watch at anytime, anywhere, when you are not available to check the mobile phone
  • Real-time steps count - Monitor distance, speed, step, calories consumption to reach your healthy target, enjoy your sport at anytime, anywhere with all data
  • Siri & Voice control function - No need touch screen to pick up phone, voice control for make calls play music search...
  • Sleep monitor - Help to monitor your sleep quality
  • Sedentary reminder - 70% people are in sub health status, keep sitting for a long time is the main reason
  • Bluetooth music - Bluetooth 4.0, with k88h smart watch, you can enjoy the music at anytime, anywhere, music always with you
  • Remote camera - Use watch to snapshot picture from your mobile phone camera like selfie stick
  • Anti-lost
  • Multi chasis & Dial design
  • Compatible with Android and IOS
  • and more